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21 of Liam’s most iconic moments.


Happy 21st birthday to @Real_Liam_Payne!  When I started this blog nearly 2 years ago, I would’ve never expected for Liam to do this to me, to make me actually stan for him, and to root for his everything. I’m proud to be a Liam fan, and I hope he continues to give me reasons to be a fan for a long long time. Anyway, To celebrate, we have various posts throughout the day, capturing some of my favorite Liam things, with some pretty special quotes from some of my fave blogs. But, first up, let’s start off with 21 moments in which being a Liam fan was extra great. Enjoy:) And keep a lookout for some love…

1. ALS Challenge


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Se me hace que están confundiendo ser felices con estar con alguien. Y a veces no es lo mismo.
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  • Me:Hello 911 , I need help
  • 911:what help ma'am
  • Me:can you nominate Zayn in that bucket challenge<p>

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47) Me da pena salir, siento que todo el mundo ve lo gorda y fea que soy.

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